Home Health Care at it's Finest



MidAmerica Healthcare Corporation of Wisconsin is a Medicare/Medicaid certified home health agency, established in 1997. 

At MidAmerica Healthcare Corporation of Wisconsin we begin by listening to your needs.

Our goal is to enable you to achieve your highest level of independence while also achieving your optimal level of health.  Our team approach involves listening first and then communicating with your physician and others involved with your care to develop a plan so the best possible care can be provided based on your individual needs, goals, and concerns.  In addition, when you have question about your healthcare we stand ready to assist you in finding answers.

At MidAmerica, home health care is provided with the whole person in mind.

Our health care team is managed by an RN case manager in conjunction with the primary physician.  Our team consists of skilled RNís, social workers, therapists who provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, home health aides, personal care workers, homemakers and companions.

The homecare team is adept at using the latest information available to provide the best care for you as an individual.  In fact, it is this knowledge that allows us to enhance the personalized care, interaction and guidance needed to provide the highest possible level of care for each of our clients.  

MidAmerica is proud to serve a very diverse population of clients.  The languages spoken by staff at MidAmerica include English, Russian, Hmong, Laotian, Spanish, and others.  We provide quality care that is sensitive and respectful to the cultural diversity of our clients.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid (Straight T-19, Managed Health Services, United Healthcare, Abri, I-Care, Family Care Program), and other types of insurance as well as those who choose to pay privately for their services.